///Video Podcasts: raw outtakes from our ridiculous world

We've decided to post new video clips every week for you to watch on your computer or iPod. These flix span several years and are mostly crap we didn't want you to see... until now.

NB: These clips are raw and the audio has not been mixed. Comin' at ya in two flavors: MP4 and higher res .mov

The Lords speak about their influences |iPod (7.3 MB)| |.MOV (69 MB)|

The Lords on Bakshi vs. Jackson |iPod (5.9 MB)| |.MOV (57 MB)|

The Grey Pilgrim: Uncloaked Part 1 |iPod (8.5 MB)| |.MOV (73.2 MB)|

The Grey Pilgrim: Uncloaked Part 2 |iPod (9.9 MB)| |.MOV (97.6 MB)|

Deep Inside the Mouth of Sauron: Part 1 |iPod (8.5 MB)| |.MOV (98.9 MB)|

Sniffing out Tayshaun Greensleeve: Part 1|YouTube (90.2 MB)|



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After watching our video, you might wonder "what inspired these idiots to spend so much time on this?" or "How did they develop such skill in cardboard craft?" or "Are these really hobbits?" Well, in anticipation of these and other fool-hearty questions, we have embarked on a massive documentary project which will blow the lid off the whole Hobbit Rap phenomenon. We spent 2 years making this film and had to do some pretty compromising things involving "cram" in order to bring you this hilarious inside look at our bizarre and debaucherous world.

the documentary features interviews with the Lords, outtakes from the music video, live performance footage, never-before-heard songs, new music videos, interviews with the Lords' manager Sir Niles and lawyer Diego Escobar, scenes from the Lords' "Lucky Charms" and "Irish Spring" commercials, archival footage of the Lords' early days of busking in the New York City subway, commentary on the history of hobbit rap by Tolkien Scholar Tayshaun Greensleeve, pedicures, elf-girls, costume making, Morgoth the Sucklord and so much more...



- Feature documentary "Lords of the Rhymes: The Untolde Tale" (42 minutes)
- "Lords of the Rhymes" music video (5 m 37 s)
1) Morgoth the Sucklord casting tape
2) Interview with the Lord's managers Sir Niles and Diego
3) "The Truth about Hobbit Rap scholar Tayshaun Greensleeve"
4) "The Behind-the-scenes Making of the Music Video"
5) Original trailer for the Lords of the Rhymes movie
6) Lords of the Rhymes photo gallery


The cost of the DVD is $10 US

Shipping and handling charges are $3 for US and Canada, $5 international. (please email us for shipping charges on orders of more than one DVD) lordsoftherhymes@earthlink.net

We encourage you to pay by paypal to lordsoftherhymes@earthlink.net

We will also accept Check, Money Order or discretely hidden cash (at your own risk).

Please make check payable to : Lords of the Rhymes

Send your payment, confirmed return shipping address and clearly written order to:

Lords of the Rhymes DVD
610 Dean Street
apt. 3
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Please allow 4 weeks to receive your shipment. We will try our hardest to get it to you within one week of receiving your payment (and your check is cleared).

Check out a sample of the film!!

|small (4.8 MB)| |medium (9.25 MB)| |large (23.5 MB)|

Peek screen shots from the film here:

*Many costumes provided by Costumes on Haight, 735 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94117 tel- 415-621-1356